XwinSys Solutions

XwinSys offers a wide range of solutions for the semiconductor industry

The XwinSys integrated and improved X-Ray and optical (3D & 2D) analysis forms a new approach to meet the challenges of roadmap requirements for inspection and metrology of 3D structures, thin-films, multi-stack and organic applications of the semiconductor industry.

The XwinSys product line is designed to offer an attractive and innovative technological solution for the rapidly growing semiconductors market. The company’s modular technological concept allows multiple application capabilities, cost-effective maintenance and a budget oriented approach.

Our unique hybrid products act as a review station as well as serving the rapidly evolving 3D IC segment of the semiconductor industry. The systems combine high resolution elemental material composition analysis with 3D geometrical inspection of features exemplified by micro-bumps associated UBM and RDL features and TSV. Other semiconductor applications are also relevant and include ultra-thin (sub nm) layer measurement and localized layer thickness measurement, as well as composition analysis associated with FinFET structures.
Film Stack
The unique triple-mode technology offers several film stack critical parameters measurements and quantities
Ultra-Thin Films Measurement
Down to a single Angstrom (Å) based on an enhanced ED-XRF technique
Light Elements Detection
Elemental analysis of low Z elements is performed with a state-of-the-art light elements detector
UBM/RDL: Thickness & Composition Monitoring
Analysis of multi-stack structures and thick mono-layers
Bump Inspection - Composition & Height
The hybrid solution provides quick and reliable location of bump and wafer defects
Real Time Review - Detection & Metrology
Integrated 3D and 2D metrology and inspection in a single system