Products & Technologies

XwinSys is dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of novel solutions for the Semiconductor and related industries.

The XwinSys product line is designed to offer an attractive and innovative technological solution for the rapidly growing Semiconductors market. The Company’s modular technological concept allows multiple application capabilities, cost-effective maintenance and a budget oriented approach.

The increasing complexity of materials and geometries in modern Semiconductor manufacturing is driving the need for advanced metrology techniques and methodologies. The industry is experiencing a shift of sophisticated off-line analytical metrology tools into the fab line, providing automatic in-site process control. Multi-sensor technology combined with holistic software appears to be the path of choice for metrology in the fab.

The XwinSys Integrated and improved X-Ray and optical (3D & 2D) analysis forms a new approach to meet the challenges of roadmap requirements for inspection and metrology of 3D structures, thin-films, multi-stack and organic applications of the semiconductor industry.

The merging of our two core technologies - XRF and automated 3D imaging - results in a hybrid solution that is truly synergistic in that the sum is greater than its parts.


In-line non-destructive inspection and metrology for the semiconductor and micro-electronic industries.
Non-destructive inspection and metrology for the semiconductor and micro-electronic industries.
In-line Non-Destructive Thin Films & Ultra Thin Films ED-XRF Analysis
XRF Analysis
Reduces the need for entrenched destructive methodologies requiring sample preparation.
3D Scanner
Covers an optical metrology methodology.
2D Microscope
Optical features used for efficient geometrical inspection purposes.