ONYX: A New In-Line and Non-Destructive Hybrid Technology

XwinSys has recently launched the ‘ONYX’ - a novel in-line and non-destructive hybrid metrology system, uniquely integrating advanced XRF, 2D and 3D optical technologies, designed to meet the current and future metrological challenges of the semiconductor industry.

By Benny Donner, Roni Peretz and Brad Lawrence, XwinSys, Israel

This is the case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - the three integrated optical sensors creates an innovative synergistic approach to problem solving and product monitoring. This was only possible with off-line analytical tools in the past.
Here by integrating components outputs, full scaled inspection parameters can be obtained.

Figure 1: The ONYX System

The unique hybrid configuration of the ONYX enables a solution to challenging applications through various analytical approaches and effective SW algorithms:
  • Metal film stacks thickness measurements
  • Feature dimensions measuring
  • Detection and analysis of voids or missing layers
  • XRF thickness standards verification
  • Detecting specific miss-processing out of a multi-variable metrology application
  • Algorithm compensation for parameter variations of a film stack

Hybrid Configuration
Figure 2: Hybrid Configuration

The ONYX’s unique triple-mode technologies and capabilities, designed to meet both fast in-line and in-depth metrology challenges, without interrupting the process flow. Enabling several physical parameters to be measured across the wafer, wafer to wafer, and lot to lot - ensures the process is in control. The ONYX is dedicated and designed to serve multiple in-line and non-destructive metrology and inspection needs in the semiconductor and related micro-electronics industries.

Multi-Stack Application
Figure 3: Multi-Stack Application