Press Release

XwinSys Subsidiary Advancements

April 26th 2014

XwinSys Ltd., is reporting significant progress in its ability to perform bumps inspection and verification for the semiconductor manufacturing process. XwinSys manufactures and markets innovative solutions based on a synergistic combination of Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) and automated 3D image processing technologies for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries.

XwinSys has had meetings with leading semiconductor manufacturers and capital equipment suppliers and has received enthusiastic interest in its innovative solution which is unmatched by any other company. XwinSys is currently performing evaluations for some of these leading companies and initial results have verified the viability of the solution. These evaluations are so far based on the limited performance of the prototype system and will be continued to a fully configured evaluation system during 2014-2015.

XwinSys was recently visited by senior managers from a leading semiconductor manufacturer in Japan. After reviewing the applications presented to them, they nominated a technical evaluator to investigate the possibility of purchasing a system during 2015. XwinSys has presented a roadmap to the manufacturer that is in line with their evolving needs and is also aligned to the general industry roadmap following an updated review of the market trends. XwinSys also strengthened its activity with a leading manufacturer in Korea. XwinSys management visited the manufacturer's facility in Korea following their request to discuss the first successful round of technology evaluation that was performed on the XwinSys demo system in Israel.

The current estimated size of the 3D interconnect inspection market is $300 million per year. This precludes the new requirement for inspection of the emerging 3D IC structures and this emerging inspection and metrology market size is estimated to exceed $500 million per year. XwinSys' goal is to capture 10% of this market with its initial product offering designated XWS100. The Company's IP is generic in nature and can be subsequently leveraged for other applications which would significantly increase the available market size.

The XwinSys solution is a new inspection approach for evolving test and metrology requirements of the industry and will first serve the semiconductor and microelectronics markets with additional verification applications currently being assessed by XwinSys.

Doron Reinis, CEO of XwinSys commented, "During the last year of development XwinSys succeeded in launching a fully operational evaluation system demonstrating superior performance for customer's advanced requirements. The cooperation with two of the major semiconductor manufacturers in the world will contribute to our ability to supply a system that suites the evolving manufacturing process of the industry."

"Eurocontrol is pleased to report that this engineering combination of EDXRF and 3D image processing has merged on time and on budget from our team at XwinSys," stated Bruce Rowlands, Chairman and CEO of Eurocontrol.