Press Release

XwinSys Receives $250,000 Grant

-Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel Supports Wafer Bumps Inspection and Measurement System-

November 29th 2013

XwinSys Ltd., announces that it has been awarded a second year grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel for its “Wafer bumps inspection and measurement system”. The total grant to be received is US$250,000 and reflects approximately 50% of the total budget of over US$500,000 for the second year of research and development. XwinSys designs, manufactures and markets novel solutions based on a synergistic combination of Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) and automated 3D image processing technologies for the Semiconductor and related microelectronics industries.

XwinSys is currently at a stage of performing advanced demo applications for its prospective Semiconductor customers including several of the largest global companies. Demonstrations are performed on the XwinSys 100 beta system which was the major milestone accomplishment of the last year’s development efforts.

The XwinSys solution is a new inspection approach for evolving test and metrology requirements of the industry and will first serve the semiconductor and microelectronics markets with additional verification applications currently being assessed by XwinSys.

“Eurocontrol is proud of the grant award for a second consecutive year from the Chief Scientist’s Office for the development of the XwinSys unique technology” stated Bruce Rowlands, Chairman and CEO of Eurocontrol. “This grant is real proof of the necessity of the hybridization of technologies for a verified need” he added.

“During the last year of development XwinSys succeeded in launching a fully operational beta stage system demonstrating superior performance for customer’s advanced requirements. The grant from the Israeli Chief Scientist, together with the comprehensive support XwinSys receives from Eurocontrol, and the excellent input and feedback XwinSys receives from prospective customers, has created a great opportunity to penetrate the market during the coming year", commented Doron Reinis, CEO of XwinSys.