Press Release

XwinSys Receives Development Grant

November 29th 2012

XwinSys Ltd. today announced it has been awarded a grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel for its “Bumps inspection and measurement system”. The total grant will be US$220,000 and reflects 50% of the total budget of US$440,000 for one year of research and development.

XwinSys is at an advanced stage in the development of a new inspection and measurement system to combine Eurocontrol’s subsidiary, Xenemetrix’s, Energy Dispersive X-Ray Florescence technology with Brossh Inspection Systems’ 2D+3D image processing technology. The new inspection and measurement system will first serve the semiconductor and microelectronics markets with additional verification applications currently being assessed by Xwinsys.

“Eurocontrol is pleased to have the support of the Chief Scientist’s Office in the development of this unique technology within XwinSys,” stated Bruce Rowlands, Chairman and CEO of Eurocontrol. “Their participation is validation of our approach with the combination of elemental analysis with image processing,” he added.

“The grant from the Israeli Chief Scientist, together with the wide support Xwinsys receives from Eurocontrol will enable us to present the new verification system to the semiconductor and microelectronics markets next year. Throughout the development process, XwinSys has been receiving excellent input and validation from potential customers regarding the verification performance requirements of these systems,” commented Doron Reinis, CEO of XwinSys.