Press Release

XwinSys Announces Novel Solution for the Semiconductor Industry

NMT: Noise-reduced Multilayer Thin-film Measurement System a Revolutionary Tool

February 23rd 2016

XwinSys Technology Development Ltd. has finalized the integration of its novel XRF technology, named NMT, in its state-of-the-art hybrid product line.

This technology is intended to serve the evolving metrology and inspection needs of the semiconductor industry that have evolved recently to keep pace with the advent of 3D (three dimensional) stacking structures for continued miniaturization of devices at an affordable cost. XwinSys was founded to satisfy a need to analyze solder bumps for the fledgling 3D IC (integrated circuit) market segment and thus gained critical insight into additional opportunities. The XwinSys NMT technology, acronym for Noise-reduced Multilayer Thin-film measurement and analysis, enhances traditional X-ray fluorescence (XRF) solutions and overcomes limitations of currently entrenched technologies for measuring thin and ultra-thin films. These thin films, which can be a single layer of atoms of a specific material, are a critical component in the construction of advanced semiconductor devices. The key attribute of the NMT technology is a dramatic improvement in sensitivity which is achieved by improving signal to background noise. Testing of the XwinSys NMT technology has demonstrated superior performance for a wide variety of semiconductor applications.

An abstract describing the XwinSys NMT technology will be published in the March edition of the Journal Solid State Technology (

Doron Reinis, Chief Operating Officer of Eurocontrol stated, “Our NMT technology is an industry innovation that is designed to be successfully utilized for a variety of in-line applications in the semiconductor and related industries. We are extremely pleased to announce the completion of full integration in our hybrid product line that combines this enhanced XRF with our 2D and 3D optical measurement techniques, and we wish to thank the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel for its support in grants over the past two years, as well as the facilitation of important product testing by major semiconductor manufacturers and prospective customers.”

Bruce Rowlands, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, added, “The rapid increase in interest in NMT from leading manufacturers in the global semiconductor industry is a clear indication to us that this ground-breaking technology could have a significant impact on the industry.”