Products & Technologies

2D Microscope

Optical features used for efficient geometrical inspection purposes.


XwinSys has pioneered a hybrid approach to meet complex 3D structures in the semiconductor industry. Combining 3D optics with XRF enables a single measurement to achieve full inspection. Furthermore, the spot size of both analytical techniques is small enough to facilitate monitoring of localized features.

2D Microscope & Image Processing

The main importance of the 2D microscope is its advanced optical features, mainly used for efficient geometrical inspection purposes, as well as an accurate navigation tool. The high level of image processing and pattern recognition allows defect inspection, color inspection, feature dimension, centralization feature, contour extraction and more.

Technical Specifications

System Parameters Specifications Comments
2D Microscope Resolution: 5 Megapixel, lateral 0.1 µm Sub-micron navigation with pattern recognition
Magnification (optical microscope) X2, X10 Option: X20, X50 and other


Film Stack
The unique triple-mode technology offers several film stack critical parameters measurements and quantities
Ultra-Thin Films Measurement
Down to a single Angstrom (Å) based on an enhanced ED-XRF technique
Light Elements Detection
Elemental analysis of low Z elements is performed with a state-of-the-art light elements detector
UBM/RDL: Thickness & Composition Monitoring
Analysis of multi-stack structures and thick mono-layers
Bump Inspection - Composition & Height
The hybrid solution provides quick and reliable location of bump and wafer defects
Real Time Review - Detection & Metrology
Integrated 3D and 2D metrology and inspection in a single system